Are you ready for some self-care and self-love?

You can start today with the first step.

Join me in this monthly online series as I show you how energy works and share some simple techniques and practices to raise your vibrations.

This monthly hour-long event includes the full clearing of your energetic systems of the Aura or the Chakras.

What you can expect from this series:

  • A down-to-earth approach to energy and the benefits of it

  • Learning simple techniques and practices you can use every day to raise your vibrations and protect your energy

  • A full Aura or Chakra clearing including removing negative energy and replacing that with positive energy

  • No judgement, just the healing energy of love

  • The sessions are recorded and will be send to all participants

What you can do to prepare:

  • Make sure you are somewhere quiet, where you cannot be disturbed 

  • Do not drive a vehicle or operate hazardous machinery or anything

  • Be comfortable

  • Have a bottle or glass of water nearby so that you can stay hydrated

  • A notebook or journal if you want to make notes

  • Last but not least, use the bathroom before we start 

Upon purchase, you will receive the link to attend this

online Zoom event emailed in your invoice.