Heal Elevate Align Love Yourself!

H.E.A.L. 4.8.2 is an ONLINE LIVE EVENT hosted by 3 Master Coaches!

Emiliano from Australia

Erna from The Netherlands

Special Guest Coach from Australia

4 Days 8 hrs in total 2 Master Coaches + an amazing Special Guest!

This event is for you, if you ever feel:

– stuck in your bubble and nothing seems to improve,
– past experiences are still affecting your life,
– you don’t know what else to do to get things better,
– you lack the drive and direction to follow through to what you desire,
– you have little or no energy to get things done,
– whatever you do, there is still not enough money.

If this sounds familiar, this is not a coincidence! It is exactly what you need!


USD 60



How the mind works at a conscious and subconscious level


How to support yourself and install a new positive mindset


The confidence to step out of your comfortzone easily


The Warrior Program, one of the most efficient method to overcome significant emotional events


A way to shift your energy in no time at all


How to flip old beliefs to new

Our coaches help people overcome:

significant emotional events

the feeling/belief of not being good or worthy enough

lack of purpose and disconnection with self

feeling stuck with the same non-supporting results

a mindset based on scarcity and no money

We help you let go of all of these, so that you can be the Amazing person you were meant to be and start 2023 like a WARRIOR!

“If you keep heading in the same direction you might end up exactly where you are heading!”

Are you wondering about how your next year will be? Just look at the previous one if nothing changes!

You are the only one that can turn things around and we are here to guide you through!

So…if not Now, When? That’s right! 

    USD 150  NOW FOR

    USD 60