Are you ready for some clarity?

This reading will give you a deep insight in the energy of your Aura and Chakras.

Do you feel as if you’re walking through mud?

Are you low on energy in general, without a clear reason?

Have you ever wondered which path to take?

Have you ever wondered what your energy looks like?


How it works:

In this reading I make intuitive drawings by creating from my heart and tuning into your energy.

I work with chalks on paper and I randomly pick each colour without looking, by letting my intuition guide me.

I go with the flow of where my guides lead me.

Once I finished the drawing I look at the shapes and colours and get an uncensored overview of your energy, without

the aid of any thought process.

What you can expect:

This reading will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and can help you see and resolve some of the issues that

have been with you for a while.

You will receive a hand-drawn intuitive drawing as a PDF and .png, as well as a video recording where I explain what the

shapes and colors mean.


Who I am:

My name is Erna Bekkering and I am a mom, animal lover and have a passion for healing, energy and spirituality and

hypnotherapy. My entire life I have been helping people to heal themselves by triggering their self-healing abilities.

I have been doing readings using animal oracle and Lenormand cards for 25+ years now. The past 15 years I have added

intuitive energy drawings as well to use as a medium dings and since 2019 I use my voice as a healing medium in my guided



147 EUR


Thank you Erna, for creating this special intuitvie drawing for me. I love the way you tapped into my energy as you randomly used colors without looking at them. I feel that your drawing described my spirit very well. It was such a magical experience and you are a very intuitive lady. I can’t wait to do it again… Thanks for explaining the meaning that the colors and lines represent. It was like a story behind the drawing.


I had 2 of these done by Erna in one year and they were both mind blowing. The information I received really helped me to clear my mind on the next steps to take in my path and reassured me of a few things.
I would wholeheartedly recommend this experience, especially at this price